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Fc-fusion-tag / Fc-Chimeric Protein Production Service
gG-Fc-fusion-tag (Fc-chimeric protein) has been widely used in recombinant protein expression and production. The Fc-fusion-tag allows simple and efficient affinity purification of the tagged protein using protein A or protein G affinity chromatography. The Fc-fusion-tag (Fc-chimeric) also can be used for detection in western blot, ELISA assay by using commercially available antibodies and ELISA kits. The antibody Fc-region is typically fused to the C-terminus of protein and it is mostly used in mammalian cell expression system. The addition of the IgG-Fc could also increase protein solubility and expression yield sometimes. Due to the nature of the antibody IgG-Fc, Fc-chimeric proteins are expressed as homodimer.  
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Fc-fusion-tag / Fc-Chimeric Protein Production Service

1-step affinity purified antibody
0.1mg-1mg rAb
Report & QC data
As fast as 4-6 weeks

*For transient recombinant antibody production
*Samples from 1 to 48 one time
*Starts from codon optimization and gene synthesis
*Include affinity purified Ab, report & QC data
*Gene synthesis included at no additional cos

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