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Recombinant Antibody Services
Chimerigen has been producing recombinant proteins and antibodies for over 18 years. Chimerigen has built one of the best antibody producing platforms for rapid and high-throughput antibody production. We can also design and produce customized, highly pure antigens for use in immunization, such as: immune checkpoint proteins and other immune regulation proteins.
With years of process development, Chimerigen has launched a suite of recombinant antibody services for a variety of downstream applications. Chimerigen uses proprietary transient mammalian expression technology to produce flexible throughput recombinant antibody from microgram to gram quantities. At any step in your project, Chimerigen is ready to advance your life science research. 
Recombinant Antibody (rAb) Services Overview
Service name
Deliverables & timelines

High Throughput Antibody Purification

1-step affinity purified antibody
0.2mg-2mg rAb
Report & QC data
As fast as 3 weeks

*For transient recombinant antibody production
*Samples from 1 to 48 one time
*Starts from codon optimization and gene synthesis
*Include affinity purified Ab, report & QC data
*Gene synthesis included at no additional cos

From $1299

Mammalian rAb expression

2mg-500mg rAb
≥95% purity
≥3 weeks
Deliverables include synthetic
genes, rAb, QC data

*rAb amount and purity guaranteed
*Gene synthesis included at no additional cost

From $1999

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